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A La Carte & Drinks Menu

With a focus on French Mediterranean cuisine, the menu highlights the lighter side of French cooking, with fresh vegetables and grilled meats seafood at the forefront of the menu, prepared with olive oil and using high-quality ingredients sourced directly from France to elevate each dish. In addition we also offer a light and refined Set Lunch and a precise Wine list comprised of refreshing red and white wines, roses, and champagnes. For the early birds who'd like to enjoy a sunny morning on the terrace, our traditional French Breakfast is not to be overlooked. 


A French Mediterranean restaurant!

Located in Stanley with a wonderful terrace that offers a panoramic view of the bay, Terrace by LQV is a restaurant that transport its guests to the French Mediterranean "art de vivre".

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“Terrace by LQV awakes the restaurant scene of the South Island with precise and thought after dishes that matches perfectly with the Mediterranean design and the lovely atmosphere of its stunning terrace.

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